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School of Workers Module(1)



Bible Study

Rev.Dr.U Zaw Min DD_Family
April Camp Bible Study 2016
MCA Thailand Evangelist Crusade 2015
GMYC 2015
Saya RayManDo_BibleStudy
Bible Study
Christian Marriage
8th Dispencition
Rev.David Lah_Bible Study
Tabernacle By Rev.Myint Swe
Rev.San Toe_Bible Study
Pastor David_SchoolOfChrist Lessons
Pastor Brent Justus_Bible Study
Rev.Tin Mg Kyi_Bible Study article
Saya La Ohn La Htoi_ Bible Study article
Rev.Dr.U Tin Mg Tun,_sermon
Pastor David_School of Christ Lessons article
Sayagyi U Myo Chit _Radio Bible Lessons article
Revelation By Saya NaGa Kyaw Naing article
Rev.Sai Aye_Bible Study_ article
Pastor Daren_School of Christ Lessons article
Sayar San Toe _Bible Study_ 2011 article
Rev. Kanp Khan Khup_BibleStudy
Saya Myint Swe _Bible Study article
Bible Study_ S.O.W (1) Lessons article
3 Month Bible Study 2010 Lessons by Rev. San Toe
Saya Zaw Thu Lin_Bible Study_11-12.01.2011 article
Rev.Tui Hing_Bible Study_2010


Opinion No. 1 (153974)

I would like to recieve the book for SOW training. Please let me know how can I get it. Thanks.

By Lin (gyittu-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2014-05-28 08:55:26

Opinion No. 2 (153995)

 Where is the rest lessons of SOW. If it is posible, could I have the lesson book, Thank you

By Roi Maran Date 2014-06-08 07:27:59

Opinion No. 3 (173655)

I would like to recieve School of workers Module 1,2 and 3 full lessons. How can I get them? Please suggest me. Thank you very much.

By Michael Ngwa (michael-dot-ngwa-at-gmail-dot-com)Date 2017-02-24 14:48:54

Opinion No. 4 (176858)

 Good day!

How can I get a copy of the SOW modules 1-3? Kindly help me.

Thank you and God bless! 


Michelle (Philippines)

By Michelle Tabay Date 2018-10-05 04:12:11


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